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Companion updates now available

To deploy the recommended Companion desktop update please follow these steps:
  • Open the Companion desktop app
  • Choose Help > Check for Updates.
  • Click Install.

This update improves functionality and user experience relating to exporting to PDF, printing, landscape page breaks, and high-contrast mode, in addition to improving stability.

Note: If the Check for Updates option cannot be selected, your organization may have disabled Minitab Software Updates. To address this, please contact your Companion license administrator. If you do not know who your license administrator is, please contact Minitab Technical Support.


Get even more out of Companion

We have recently added added a new workflow tool to Companion. Workflow will enable you to have even greater control over your Continuous Improvement initiatives, allowing you to communicate priorities and allocate resources effectively  from project conception through to execution and closure  providing formal approval processes and notifications. Key benefits include:
  • Minimizing resource downtime – Field ideas and fill the project hopper with high impact projects that are ready to assign when resources are available to work on them.   
  • Filling communication gaps – Formal notifications and phase gate reviews enable real-time communication of readiness. Keeping projects moving toward goals.
  • Eliminate information gaps – Required fields make it clear what information is required and when.

Workflow is only available via the web app along with the real-time KPI dashboard. These, combined with the unique toolset of Companion, provide everything you need to make your enterprise portfolio of Continuous Improvement projects more visible, more effective, and ultimately more profitable.

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Learn how to use Workflow, the automated process for collecting and vetting project ideas, turning the ideas into projects, and advancing projects through phase reviews and approvals:

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