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Booth 19A | April 3 - 4, 2018 | The Venetian

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For over 40 years, Minitab has empowered continuous improvement champions with the data analysis tools they need to get and keep their business thriving. We are committed to supporting you to get ahead by helping you solve problems before they happen. Whether you cannot go a day without using Minitab software or you have only heard of it, we know we can make your job easier. Our suite of analytical tools can help you use your data to learn from the past, discover the present, predict the future and manage your process.



You will have the chance to see three different presentations from Minitab representatives. Visit Lean and Six Sigma World to see the full schedule and register.

Charles Harrison
Scott Kowalski
Cheryl Pammer
Paul Sheehy
Charles Harrison
Scott Kowalski
Cheryl Pammer
Paul Sheehy

Running with Scissors

Paul Sheehy | Tuesday, April 3, 1:50 - 2:25 p.m. |  Learn More 

Give people a powerful tool – statistics – with insufficient training, and you likely have a case of somebody running with scissors. This talk will cover some of the more common statistical mistakes. 


Beyond the Buzzwords: Application of Machine Learning in Lean Six Sigma

Cheryl Pammer and Charles Harrison | Wednesday, April 4, 8:05 - 8:40 a.m. | Learn More 

As we collect more data, we need new tools to provide meaningful insights into our processes. Learn how you can use modern-day machine learning techniques, such as Classification and Regression Trees (CART), alongside traditional Lean Six Sigma tools to analyze, improve and control your processes. 


An Interval for Capturing a High Percentage of the Process with Confidence

Scott Kowalski | Wednesday, April 4, 2:25 - 3 p.m. | Learn More 

Many quality practitioners and Lean Six Sigma belts are familiar with the phrase “we need a 95/99 interval for our process." This is called a tolerance interval. Statistically, it means that you can be 95% confident that 99% of the population is within the interval. This can be especially useful for setting the specification limits of a new process/product within DFSS, but also helpful for quantifying an existing process/product. This session will explain the difference between confidence intervals, prediction intervals and tolerance intervals, and then focus on the use of tolerance intervals within the LSS framework.



Costa Rica Institute of Technology Stress Tests Bridge Steel and Concrete

Tens of thousands of drivers cross Costa Rica’s bridges every day, and most never give it a second thought. How does the government make sound decisions about how to allocate limited bridge maintenance resources to ensure the public remains safe? Keep Reading


Master Black Belt Institutes $1 Million-Saving Process Improvement

Bobcat Company, a world leader in construction equipment, used Minitab to increase the speed of a laser-cutting process while improving part quality. This led to improving process production rates by over 20 percent and eliminating the need to purchase additional laser machinery. Keep Reading 



Trimming Decision Trees to Make Paper:
Machine Learning, Root Cause Analysis Exercise

As we collect more and more observational data from our processes, we may need new tools to provide meaningful insights into this information. You can add modern-day machine learning techniques alongside traditional statistical tools to analyze, improve and control your processes. Keep Reading


Why do 70% of CI Initiatives Fail? 
Learn 3 Ways to Gain Management Buy-in

Research out of the Juran Institute, which specializes in training, certification and consulting on quality management globally, reveals only 30 percent of improvement initiatives succeed. Why do these initiatives fail so frequently? Lack of management support. Keep Reading


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