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Model Deployment & ML Ops

No matter where you are on your analytics journey, Minitab offers a modular solution from data analysis to model deployment for everyone.

Only Minitab has a data science and machine learning platform that offers the flexibility and capabilities to solve your greatest challenges.

Our platform also helps business analysts and engineers successfully deploy their own machine learning and predictive models. Our solutions provide:

  • A bridge for the gap between model creation and model production
  • Effortless model deployment with a single click for immediate insights that can be used by everyone
  • Track and verify your models from anywhere
  • Secure delivery of models, and ensure compliance with an audit log
  • Deeper insights with predictive modelling and machine learning
  • Automated machine learning
  • Better predictive analytics with feature engineering

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Automated Machine Learning

Are you looking for a way to identify the best predictors and/or best model to ensure that you’re using the most useful algorithm to provide the best predictions? Learn more about Minitab Automated Machine Learning.

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Introducing Minitab Model Ops

As modeling use cases grow, the need to deploy and operationalize models has emerged. Our latest product release, Minitab Model Ops, helps business analysts and engineers successfully deploy Machine Learning models. Ready to see this powerful MLOps platform in action? Register now!

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ML Model Lifecycle Management for Everyone

As machine learning use cases grow, the need to deploy and operationalize models hasemerged. Introducing Minitab Model Ops, the ultimate ML Model deployment solution.Our latest product release helps business analysts and engineers successfully deploytheir own Machine Learning and Predictive models.

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Feature Engineering for Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Explore the importance of feature engineering for machine learning, how it relates to data manipulation, and learn proper technique application in Minitab.

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