Live Analytics

Live Analytics Powered by Minitab empowers all data professionals.

Live Analytics provides all data professionals with the ability to easily create and incorporate their statistical analysis into powerful visualizations. Our solution provides:

  • More advanced analyses for your organization
  • Automated insights that go beyond simple business intelligence visualizations
  • Ease of use for your power users, scientists and engineers to deliver more advanced analyses to help you make better business decisions
  • Improved data literacy of your team
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Introducing Live Analytics: Beyond Ordinary Business Intelligence Dashboards

Are you interested in how automated, real-time analytics can help you deliver more advanced analyses on a convenient and shareable platform? Live Analytics Powered by Minitab enables you to quickly apply your statistical analysis anywhere and share insights with the rest of your organization in an instant.

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Intelligence Dashboards


Beyond Ordinary Business Intelligence Dashboards

Are you looking for a way to leverage advanced analytics, including statistics, to power dashboards today? Learn more in our blog.

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