Real-Time SPC

Monitor, respond, and deliver immediate quality and process monitoring that provides value and efficiency to your organization.

In order to predict and guarantee the quality of their products and services, organizations want processes to be stable, consistent, and predictable. Take your process monitoring to the next level with Minitab’s next-generation statistical process control solutions.

  • Real-Time Visual Process Monitoring
  • Customizable, direct, immediate alerts
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Control Charts and Next Generation Statistical Process Control

Are you interested in centralized, blended, quality data that is available for easy, at-a-glance monitoring with real-time control charts and dashboards? Created by Minitab's trusted cloud-based software, Real-Time SPC control charts and dashboards are automatically updated for optimized reporting and insight sharing.

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Webinar-Statistical Process Control


Introducing the Next Generation of Statistical Process Control

Detect quality issues and prevent waste with immediate process feedback, alerts, warnings, and notifications. Our solution provides automatic, customized and useful alerts to the right individuals and teams via email or text, enabling them to respond as soon as possible after issues arise.

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