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Minitab is ready to help you drive cost containment, enhance product and service quality, and boost customer satisfaction.

Understanding your data is the first step in reaching your business’s full potential. We have the solutions to get you there.

Learn more about our comprehensive and market-leading suite of analytics and process improvement solutions and services.  

Our services include:

  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Online Learning/Continuing Education



Flexible, Hands‐On Training

Gain insight into your data with courses taught by our experts! Courses are available on-site, through a virtual classroom, or self-paced learning depending on the preferred method of learning.

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You Know your Business. We Know Statistics.

Our consultants are highly regarded statisticians with experience improving quality across all industries, including pharmaceutical, medical devices, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services. Once we identify your needs, we match you with a consultant who has the expertise to help you. Save time and money by letting our statistical consultants help you solve your quality improvement problems.

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Minitab Education Hub

Review, refresh, or upskill analytical capabilities with our online courses and learning paths - all in one place.

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