Minitab Workspace Tips & Tricks to Accelerate Your Work

Language:  English  |  Duration:  60 minutes

Thursday, December 2
8:30 AM Bangalore / 10 AM Bangkok / 11 AM Hong Kong / 12 PM Seoul & Toyko / 2 PM Sydney / 4 PM Auckland

WS-Webinar-newsimgAre you looking for quick ways to solve problems within your product or process, while making the greatest impact for your organization? We’ve got you covered!

Join us for a webinar to uncover the latest tips in Minitab Workspace, the ultimate toolkit that enables you to move your work forward with powerful visual tools, process maps, brainstorming diagrams and forms all in one intuitive interface.

Presented by our expert Mindy Tomlinson, Minitab Product Manager, the webinar will highlight tips and tricks to elevate your work and help you become a Workspace super user.

Topics include:

  • Layout tools to improve your process maps, fishbones, and other diagrams

  • Shortcuts to expedite your work

  • Leveraging data sharing to prevent rework

  • Useful options in Monte Carlo simulations

  • Ideas to implement lesser-known forms and tools

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About the Presenter



Mindy Tomlinson

Product Manager,  Minitab LLC

• 15+ years designing, deploying, and supporting Minitab products
• Lead designer for Minitab Workspace and Minitab Engage
• MS in Statistics from Penn State University


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