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Minitab Connect: Data Preparation, Automation and Governance for Comprehensive Insights

The best insights are based on the most complete, most accurate, and most timely data. Minitab Connect empowers data users from across the enterprise with self-serve tools to transform diverse data into a governed network of data pipelines, to feed analytics initiatives and foster organization-wide collaboration. Users can effortlessly blend and explore data from databases, cloud and on-premise apps, unstructured data, spreadsheets and more. Flexible, automated workflows accelerate every step of the data integration process, while powerful data preparation and visualization tools help yield transformative insights.

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Flexible, intuitive data integration tools let users connect and blend data from a variety of internal and external sources, like data warehouses, data lakes, IoT devices, SaaS applications, cloud storage, spreadsheets, and email.

Pre-built connectors and flexible data ingestion options make it easy to quickly access virtually any data source and add new integrations when business needs change.

Simple web forms enable direct data entry, creating efficiencies by eliminating the need for spreadsheet sharing and uploads. Embedded validation tools and automated workflows support data quality and standardized processes.​

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Self-service data preparation tools empower users – from data scientists to business analysts – to quickly and interactively, profile, curate, enrich, and shape diverse datasets using a spreadsheet-like interface.

Because the platform stores data resources in a centralized database, users can easily access and explore their data without risking data quality or security.

Data preparation steps can be shared with other users as repeatable workflows, eliminating repetitive data setup processes and maximizing productivity.

Seamless, direct access to Minitab® Statistical Software enables one-click delivery of prepped data for in-depth analysis.

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Create data transformation flows that support data governance and quality rules to ensure projects are fed with accurate, trustworthy data.

Eliminate time-consuming, manual data-blending tasks with tools to schedule processes or refresh as needed.

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables easy development and review of reusable data workflows, including triggered notifications and alerts.

Technical users have the option to insert custom PHP, Python, Perl, R, and SQL code into any defined process.

One thing all of our clients share: Their commitment to excellence. Our goal: To help them achieve it.

Harness the power of connected, secure, automated data flows with Minitab solutions.

With the cloud-based data integration and automated workflows enabled by Minitab Connect, and direct flows into Minitab Statistical Software for in-depth analysis, teams across the enterprise can realize the promise of digital transformation.

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