Watch Now - Introducing Live Analytics: Beyond Ordinary Business Intelligence Dashboards


Language:  English  |  Duration:  20 minutes

Live Analytics_True Analytics Dashboards

Business is evolving, and so should your dashboards. Meet Live Analytics Powered by Minitab®, our latest solution built to empower all data professionals with the ability to easily create and incorporate statistical analysis into powerful visualizations.

Join us to uncover how automated, real-time analytics can help you deliver more advanced analyses on a convenient and shareable platform. The webinar will highlight how Live Analytics enables you to quickly apply your statistical analysis anywhere and share insights with the rest of your organization in an instant.

Presented by Minitab expert Jenn Atlas, Global Market Development Manager, you’ll learn how your powerful analysis from Minitab Statistical Software can be used with Minitab Connect online dashboards and updated as data changes…so you just ‘set it and forget it’ for instant insights on-demand!

Ready to see Live Analytics in action? 

About the Presenter

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Jennifer Atlas

Global Market Development Manager,  Minitab LLC

Jennifer Atlas is the Global Market Development Manager for Minitab. She studies how organizations solve analytical problems and works with product development to ensure that we deliver on our commitment to make data analytics easier. As a classically trained statistician, Jenn has worked, trained and consulted in the field of analytics for over 25 years. 


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