Prevent Production Defects and Waste with Real-Time Statistical Process Control

Learn how to rapidly detect, correct and prevent defects at this Minitab Exchange UK event.

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Need to reduce scrap rates and rework in your manufacturing?

Struggling to detect and correct out-of-spec production quickly?

You are invited to this masterclass for manufacturing leaders in Quality, Operations, R&D and Operational Excellence

Join this Minitab Exchange event sharing how to rapidly predict and detect the causes of costly scrap or rework.

Receive a concise management-level introduction to live production performance monitoring with Statistical Process Control.

Learn how to speed up your detection of defects, investigate root cause analysis and deliver corrective action.

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What will you learn?

You will understand world-class methods for Statistical Process Control in your manufacturing

  • Determining Your Critical Variables for SPC: What to Monitor and Why
    Gain more knowledge of your process's behavior by identifying the critical variables that impact its stability.
  • Eliminating Data Delays: How to Automatically Prepare Your Data for SPC Reports
    Uncover improvement opportunities and apply real-time data for better analysis of complex processes.
  • Maximizing Your Output And Avoid Waste
    From decreasing costs to improving sustainability, quality, and service, learn how to get the most out of your resources and materials.
  • Optimizing Rapidly with a Proven Framework
    Understand the best-in-class methods and tools to help you identify and implement impactful change rapidly.
  • Accelerating Results
    Gain a new perspective and uncover fresh ways to solve problems and challenges, remove information silos and monitor true performance.
  • Being Proactive Not Reactive with SPC Dashboards and Alerts for Managers and Operators
    How to gain early visibility or predictions of when quality problems start to occur, to help you prevent costly scrap or rework.

 Also discuss your challenges with fellow leaders, Minitab customers and experts!
Expand your understanding and gain practical takeaways.


  • The Key Concepts for Monitoring the Performance of Production Processes
  • Monitoring Your Performance Baseline & Identifying Issues in Real-Time with SPC
  • Rapid Root Cause Analysis by Predicting Critical Variables
  • Optimising Process Improvement with Simulation to Save Production Time & Cost
  • Validating Improvement Through Trial Results

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Gain valuable new insights with step-by-step guidance through best practice examples

Webinar-Statistical Process Control

Solutions Centre

Receive live demonstrations, answers and valuable tips from Minitab's expert team

Minitab Exchange 19 April networking

Peer Networking

Meet like-minded professionals during the networking breaks and complimentary lunch


In March 2024, we delivered this masterclass to a full house. Here were the reactions:

"Great event, exceeded my expectations."

Quality Director

"9/10 - really insightful and value adding."

Performance Lead

"Very relevant to the work my team does."

Senior R&D

"New standard for problem-solving."

Engineering Mgr.

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