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You are invited to join Minitab's conference for national leaders in Operational & Process ExcellenceQuality, Transformation, R&D, Lean Six Sigma & Analysis. You will:

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Tuesday 28 January 2020 • 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Scandic Sluseholmen, Molestien 11, 2450 Copenhagen SV


Only the best is good enough: Better decision-making thanks to data-driven insights at LEGO Systems A/S
Danish group LEGO is the world’s leading manufacturer of play materials – and puts Quality at the heart of brand’s core values.

“Constantly innovating, never compromising. Building, rebuilding and striving for the best. It is this resilience and permanent sense of renewal that drives us forward. We are never still.”

Learn valuable lessons from the Continuous Improvement journey at LEGO Group, presented in this two-part keynote presentation. Betina Vedel (LEGO Systems A/S) and Kion Schmeltzer (LSV Group A/S) will share how data insights gained through Minitab Statistical Software help to drive management decisions and reshape processes.

In part one, you will discover how the LEGO Group deploys Lean Six Sigma as part of its mindset to:
  • Validate data
  • Optimise processes
  • Apply a structured approach to problem solving
  • Apply Business Process Management (BPM) to build robust processes

  • In part two, explore some of the best practices at LEGO, demonstrated with the steps and results of real-life examples of process optimization projects.
    Betina Vedel | Senior Manager | LEGO System A/S

    Betina Vedel Bio

    In her capacity as Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Betina is responsible for the LSS Capability Building Program and finds joy in engaging in developing, training and coaching of colleagues.

    With her professional background in the Automotive Industry working in global organizations like Sauer-Danfoss, with various training courses from AIAG in Detroit and with more than 10 years experience from LEGO System A/S Betina is a huge capacity within APQP and Lean Six Sigma.Betina Vedel has an engineering background and possess a very thorough understanding of the Lean Six Sigma philosophy and tool box.

    This combined with her analytical, systematic and result oriented qualities has generated a solid track record of LSS improvement projects. Years of experience in development projects has resulted in a profound utilization of Design for Six Sigma and with these skillsets she has demonstrated the ability to manage changes through Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma. Furthermore, Betina has obtained an extensive experience from strategic multi-cultural and cross-functional projects within quality management and process optimization.

    With her vast knowledge of processes and their interactions Betina is implementing Business Process Management (BPM) in parts of LEGO System A/S. Through BPM Betina exercise the discipline of continuously securing that customer requirements are fulfilled and that the processes are robust and delivering what the customer requires.

    Kion Schmeltzer I Head of Training and People Development I LSV Group A/S

    Kion Schmeltzer Bio

    With more than 25 years of LEAN Six Sigma teaching experience, Kion is responsible for all education programs at LSV Group. He has personally achieved the highest level of certification within Six Sigma - Master Black Belt. That makes him one of the most skilled capacities in the industry.
    Kion’s experience with Six Sigma is the result of a highly rewarded career in GE. This included several years of working in Norway and Sweden where he had C-level roles and important operational responsibilities.

    GE awarded Kion with the "Quality Club Award" in 2000 and 2005. That made him the only person in the Nordic Business team to receive this award twice. Kion also has a certificate in Change Acceleration Process (CAP) which he obtained at one of the world's largest corporate business schools: General Electric's John F. Welch Leadership Center in Crotonville.
    His thorough knowledge and education in this field have secured him and LSV Group certifications from IASSC and PeopleCert.

    Kion's focus as an instructor is and has always been to ensure practical knowledge of the candidates participating in LSV Group's educations. Kion utilizes his own huge amount of experience to support and coach his students. This ensures that education is a complete and implementable process and not just a theoretical education.

    Since he started working for LSV Group in 2008, Kion has significantly contributed to the fact that they have obtained three Gazelle awards from Børsen, the Danish business and financial newspaper, and six triple A accreditations from Bisnode.


    Minitab Presentations

    Connecting the Fundamentals of Structured Problem-Solving
    Gillian Groom I Technical Training Specialist I Minitab
    When problems in your service or product affect your customers, you need to identify the cause clearly with data-driven insights and avoid misdirection from misconceptions.

    In this session, we explore the fundamentals of gathering data for problem-solving, how to follow a structured approach and demonstrate effective systems for root cause analysis. We will go through the example of investigating customer complaints around the quality of a phone signal – something we can all relate to(!).

    Learn how to:
    • Define the problem, measure and prepare data, and evaluate the baseline performance
    • Identify and test opportunities for improvement
    • Reveal the most effective solution
    • Implement and maintain the solution for best results
    Leave this session with actionable methods to apply to your organisation and its challenges.

    INCLUDES DEMONSTRATIONS OF: Companion by Minitab and Minitab Statistical Software

    Gillian Groom Bio + About Gillian Groom -
    Gillian Groom has a Masters Degree in Probability and Statistics from Sheffield University. For many years Gillian has specialised in Financial Services both in UK and Europe, focusing on the development and use of statistical analyses for the improvement of credit risk decisions. Throughout her career, Gillian has been applying statistical analysis to guide informed management decisions on business opportunities or problems.
    Gillian has joined the Minitab Team as a Trainer since 2014 and comments on her role: “I am excited to have the opportunity to demonstrate how good data analysis together with process knowledge can lead to informed decisions that make a real difference to business performance”.
    Next Level Breakthroughs: Reducing Your Downtime and Defects with Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning
    Nick Jones I Technical Training Specialist I Minitab
    When your processes, products or equipment start to deteriorate, this creates new causes of downtime and defects.

    We explore the limits of what you can do with descriptive statistics and experimentation, and introduce the opportunities to use Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning.

    Learn from the real-world example of improving quality in a printing process, how to:
    • Discover the duration, cost and frequency of downtime
    • Investigate the causes of defects and quality failure
    • Reveal new factors in the causes of downtime and defects
    • Predict quality failure and downtime to avoid waste
    Understand how to apply machine learning and when traditional techniques are ineffective, to unlock new breakthroughs for reducing downtime and defects.

    INCLUDES DEMONSTRATIONS OF: Companion by Minitab, Minitab Statistical Software and Salford Predictive Modeler

    Nick Jones Bio + About Nick Jones -
    Nick Jones, a trained Statistician, has been with Minitab for over 10 years.
    Nick's international support and training expertise has brought him to advise, train and consult companies and Minitab's business partners around the world; he has helped leading businesses from various industry sectors to deliver valuable insights based on their data, driving quality and innovation as well as helping them to set up their continuous improvement initiatives.
    Nick has trained personnel through all ranks - from beginners to advanced practitioners, including Master Black Belts - as well as advising Senior Management on their Quality Programs.
    Nick is an expert for Minitab Statistical Software, Companion by Minitab and Quality Trainer: “Training offers a fantastic opportunity to share my knowledge and experience around the acute challenges that businesses face in the quality management, process and product improvement arena; to provide companies and business partners with the right approaches, tools and skill sets, using Minitab's wide range of solutions, is very rewarding for me" says Nick.




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    You will be guided step-by-step through how to perform a problem-solving DMAIC project with our products, including:

    • Statistical Analysis with Minitab Statistical Software

    • Project Mapping & Execution Tools with Companion by Minitab

    Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning with Salford Predictive Modeler

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    'I have been to many chargeable conferences that were not as good. This conference was great, thank you!'
    Global Services Quality Operations Leader, Nokia

    'The day was very informative and gathered great speakers.'
    Operations Centre Manager, HSE-National Ambulance Service of Ireland

     'The most valuable part was gaining a perspective on how different organisations approach OpEx.'
    Senior Manager, PMO Eurofins Biopharm Product Testing Ireland


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