Join the Minitab Insights Event 2019 in Johannesburg:
A powerful new conference for South Africa's leaders in Continuous Improvement

Better decision-making through data-driven insights

You are invited to join Minitab's South Africa conference for national leaders in Operational & Process ExcellenceQuality, Transformation, R&D, Lean Six Sigma & Analysis. You will:

Discover your new toolkit for transformation

Find out how to power your analysis, problem-solving and decision-making with the best of today's new techniques and tools.

Learn new strategies from real-world examples

Hear experts share the breakthrough methods that are driving transformation in world leading businesses.

Interact with senior professionals

Connect with experts who share your challenges and swap ideas with national leaders.


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Wednesday 24 July 2019 I 9.00AM - 4.00M I Protea Hotel by Marriott Johannesburg Balalaika

Keynote Speakers

Deploying Lean Six Sigma
A FMCG Case Study: Building DMAIC capability, leveraging Minitab and transforming your business processes with tangible savings
Brian Mapani I National Continuous Improvement Manager & Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt I PremierFMCG
In a fast-moving consumer goods environment, processes can easily lose stability, control and predictability as the rat-race takes over. There just seems to never be enough time to stop, think and deploy continuous improvement methodologies.
We explore 3 strategic steps employed in a real-life deployment of Lean Six Sigma in an FMCG South African context. We demystify the notion that continuous improvement takes too much time and costs too much to deploy.

Get insights into the role of:
  • Corporate leadership
  • Deployment Infrastructure
  • Minitab in the institutionalization and cementing of the deployment

See real examples of the use of Minitab in driving process improvement decisions that have saved in excess of R300 million for a South African organization.

Brian Mapani Bio + About Brian Mapani -
Brian is a Biological Scientist with over 16 years of FMCG experience and qualifications in Microbiology, Quality Assurance, R&D, Product development and Lean Six Sigma.
Brian holds a Master Black Belt (MBB) Certification from Lean Methods (USA) and a Black Belt Qualification from the Institute Of Six Sigma (Austria). His passion is in process, service and product improvement aimed at driving customer satisfaction.
In his current role, Brian has led the deployment of Lean Six Sigma in a multi-category organisation comprising Bakeries, Milling, Groceries and Home & Personal Care.
The deployment has led to the creation of over 200 certified Green Belt, Lean and Black Belt Practitioners in the organisation over a period of 4 years, spanning manufacturing sites in South Africa, Mozambique, Lesotho and Swaziland. The organisation has saved in excess of R500 million (USD 35,5 Million) through process improvement projects during this period. This remains arguably the benchmark Lean Six Sigma deployment in Africa to date.
Prior to this role, Brian was a Senior Scientist for a Global corporate FMCG company in charge of Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa (EEMEA).
Deploying Lean Six Sigma
An FMCG Case Study: How We Manage Projects and Reports To Achieve Transparency and Efficiency
Bartho Josue Rivera Tavera I Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Project Manager I Premier FMCG
Bartho Josue Rivera Tavera will reveal the techniques and tools his organisation uses to manage projects and reports across Premier FMCG successfully. He will share the vital secrets of:
  • How to ensure transparency so everyone can see the savings
  • How to avoid duplication of efforts
  • How to replicate successful projects and leverage project ideas
  • How to save lots of time with easy-to-run reports at the end of each month

  • Plus, you will discover how the organisation tackled the challenges of creating a dashboard of all projects to report on metrics for Management. Sounds impossible? It’s not when you know how…

    Bartho Josue Rivera Tavera Bio + About Bartho Josue Rivera Tavera -
    With more than 12 years experience from planning to implementation of projects, covering consumer goods FMCG Milling, Baking, Automotive & Engineering Consulting, I have developed technical expertise in manufacturing, operations, Lean management, process optimization, quality, Six Sigma and cost reduction. I am a mechanical engineer and project manager working in Midrand, living in Pretoria, South Africa. I studied production engineering at TU Berlin, Germany and my BSc in mechanical at UDLAP, I hold a Master degree and am a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. I lead cost reduction projects across 9 production sites and coach Heads of Departments across Business units.
    Connecting the Fundamentals of Structured Problem-Solving
    Graeme Hay I Minitab Certified Trainer in South Africa
    When problems in your service or product affect your customers, you need to identify the cause clearly with data-driven insights and avoid misdirection from misconceptions.

    In this session, we explore the fundamentals of gathering data for problem-solving, how to follow a structured approach and demonstrate effective systems for root cause analysis. We will go through the example of investigating customer complaints around the quality of a phone signal – something we can all relate to(!).

    Learn how to:
    • Define the problem, measure and prepare data and evaluate the baseline performance
    • Identify and test opportunities for improvement
    • Reveal the most effective solution
    • Implement and maintain the solution for best results
    Leave this session with actionable methods to apply to your organisation and its challenges.

    INCLUDES DEMONSTRATIONS OF: Companion by Minitab and Minitab Statistical Software

    Graeme Hay Bio + About Graeme Hay -
    Graeme started his Minitab journey in 2002 as an operations excellence consultant and is a passionate student of organisational improvement techniques.  He believes that developing the critical thinking capabilities at the middle and senior management level is the key to sustainable change. Graeme has worked mostly in Southern Africa and the UK, assisting mining, manufacturing, retail, and services organisations to realise productivity improvements in their value chains. Graeme has a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering Technology and is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He is a faculty member of the University of Stellenbosch’s Business School. Graeme is based in South Africa and is currently Certified to deliver Minitab Essentials I & II in the Africa region.
    Next Level Breakthroughs: Reducing Your Downtime & Defects with Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
    Nick Jones I Technical Training Specialist I Minitab
    When your processes, products or equipment start to deteriorate, this creates new causes of downtime and defects.

    We explore the limits of what you can do with descriptive statistics and experimentation, and introduce the opportunities to use Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning.

    Learn from the real-world example of improving quality in a printing process, how to:
    • Discover the duration, cost and frequency of downtime
    • Investigate the causes of defects and quality failure
    • Reveal new factors in the causes of downtime and defects
    • Predict quality failure and downtime to avoid waste
    Understand how to apply machine learning and when traditional techniques are ineffective, to unlock new breakthroughs for reducing downtime and defects.

    INCLUDES DEMONSTRATIONS OF: Companion by Minitab, Minitab Statistical Software and Salford Predictive Modeler

    Nick Jones Bio + About Nick Jones -
    Nick Jones, a trained Statistician, has been with Minitab for over 10 years.
    Nick's international support and training expertise has brought him to advise, train and consult companies and Minitab's business partners around the world; he has helped leading businesses from various industry sectors to deliver valuable insights based on their data, driving quality and innovation as well as helping them to set up their continuous improvement initiatives.
    Nick has trained personnel through all ranks - from beginners to advanced practitioners, including Master Black Belts - as well as advising Senior Management on their Quality Programs.
    Nick is an expert for Minitab Statistical Software, Companion by Minitab and Quality Trainer: “Training offers a fantastic opportunity to share my knowledge and experience around the acute challenges that businesses face in the quality management, process and product improvement arena; to provide companies and business partners with the right approaches, tools and skill sets, using Minitab's wide range of solutions, is very rewarding for me" says Nick.

    Early Bird Option

    Book your Hands-On with the new Minitab toolkit for Continuous Improvement

    Receive the option to attend a hands-on tutorial using our latest software products, instead of one of our presentations.

    You will be guided step-by-step through how to perform a problem-solving DMAIC project with our products, including:

    • Statistical Analysis with Minitab Statistical Software

    • Project Mapping & Execution Tools with Companion by Minitab

    To choose this option, register early as capacity is limited (20 spaces per session, repeated in AM & PM). 



    Connection Sessions: interact, share and learn throughout your day

    You receive value at Minitab Insights Event from the moment you arrive.

    Interact with professionals, leaders and advisors who share your focus on unlocking excellence with data-driven insights and transformation.

    Networking Breakfast

    Arrive and connect with peers, speakers and experts in a relaxed breakfast environment.

    Lunchtime Link-Ups & One-to-One Advice

    Discuss the latest thinking with peers, speakers and the Minitab team during a social lunch hour.

    We're Excited To Invite You To Join Our Network

    "Following on from our success of our Insight Conferences, we are very excited to be hosting our first ever Insights in South Africa.

    This is a great opportunity to share new strategies and ideas with our established customers and to those customers who are just starting on their continuous improvement journey.

    Building a community of like-minded professionals is vitally important to us; we’re operating in an ever increasing complex environment and applying data driven analytics to decision making is more critical than ever due to the demands on time and investment.

    Our community can share best practice, ideas and explore new methods together, we want to help customers achieve this and see a return on their investment. Insights South Africa is a great place to start! Come and join our network!"


    Meet the Minitab Representatives at the event

    Donna Watson Minitab

    Donna Watson

    Senior Partner Relationship Specialist - Sales

    Agnes Ogee

    Agnes Ogee

    Regional Marketing Manager EMEIA


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    What Attendees Have Said So Far

    'I have been to many chargeable conferences that were not as good. This conference was great, thank you!'
    Global Services Quality Operations Leader, Nokia

    'The day was very informative and gathered great speakers.'
    Operations Centre Manager, HSE-National Ambulance Service of Ireland

     'The most valuable part was gaining a perspective on how different organisations approach OpEx.'
    Senior Manager, PMO Eurofins Biopharm Product Testing Ireland


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