Prioritise, Visualise and Map Better than Ever Before with Minitab Workspace

Are you searching for a productive solution to achieve the greatest impact and value with your work?

In this webinar, you will discover Minitab Workspace - our new productivity toolkit that enables you to move your work forward with powerful visual tools, process maps, brainstorming diagrams and forms.

We reveal intuitive tools help you form processes, identify opportunities - and ultimately make your problems easier to solve! 

During the webinar, we'll explore various tools and their abilities to visualise, optimise, prioritise and map including:

  • Process Maps
  • Fishbone Diagrams
  • Value Stream Maps
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Five Whys

With over 15 years of experience and a love of bringing visualizations to life, our Minitab Advisory User-Experience Designer, Mindy Tomlinson, will lead the webinar and give a proper introduction to Minitab's newest product (45 min). 

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