Does More Data Mean More Effective Control Charts: The Surprising Truth

When you need to monitor and control variation in your process, a control chart will help you to separate special causes from common cause variation (or random variation). Yet how do today's types of data, including full inspection, impact this tool's effectiveness?

The control chart was created in the 1920s, a time when measurement, data capture and calculation were done manually, making sampling essential. Today, how data is collected has all changed.

In this webinar presentation*, you will find out:

  • How are control charts impacted by full inspection
  • What increases false alarms
  • The impact of sub-group size on your results
  • Recommendations for using control charts with full inspection

Watch now to evaluate the performance of control charts, compare full vs sampled data and hear recommendations for gaining business insights with complete data collection.

*This is a presentation not a software demonstration