Maximize Efficiency: Using Minitab Workspace and Minitab Statistical Software to Amplify Output and Meet Critical Demand


Are you feeling pushed to the limit with your equipment and facilities while facing the challenge of satisfying customer demand? Buying new equipment or more space may seem like the perfect solution, but might not be realistic at this time. Increasing the operating time for your equipment might work for awhile, but is it sustainable?

Join us for a webinar to discover how to maximize efficiency at your organization so you can amplify output and meet demand using Minitab Workspace and Minitab Statistical Software. During the webinar, we'll explore the common issues and projects that occur like:

  • reducing lead time
  • ensuring new measurement systems are acceptable
  • expanding from a 5-day week to a 7-day week schedule

Our Minitab Senior Technical Training Specialist with over 20 years of experience, Jose Padilla, will then show the statistical and project organizational tools that can help bring you the efficiency and solutions needed (1 hour).


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