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Minitab Need to Knows

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Get familiar with our Minitab Need to Knows, and you'll not only be running experiments with fewer clicks and missteps — you'll gain better insights when you go to interpret your results.

Need to Know 1: Managing Data in Minitab 

Do you find yourself cutting and pasting data into Minitab from Excel or other programs too often? We’d like to introduce you to a few good options you might not have known were available in Minitab. In this session you will learn to  

  • Import data from Excel, CSV files and other sources 

  • Structure the data how you need to work with it by stacking spreadsheets, transposing, sorting, using conditional formatting and more 

  • Make more data using the calculator function, patterned data and indicator variables 

  • Work with groups of data with stratification and deciding when to split data or use the include/exclude options during analysis  


Need to Know 2: First Steps for Data Analysis  

You can look for changes over time and distributions using several different tools within Minitab. Get to know many of these tools and how you can use them to take an initial look at your data set. You will learn 

  • The First Pass Analysis concept and how to use it to get a basic understanding of how a process is behaving – overall and over time 

  • How to generate and use Histograms (with the By Variables function) and Time Series plots 

  • How to display and understand graphical summaries and descriptive statistics 


Need to Know 3: Introduction to Process Capability

Process capability is the assessment of how well the process delivers what the customer wants. Learn key process capability concepts with as we walk you through the process capability routemapIn Minitab, we will show 

  • Two process capability examples (one using normal data and one using non-normal data 

  • The Process Capability Sixpack function and what it adds to the standard Process Capability function


Although the concepts in these webinars build off of each other, they are stand-alone sessions and you are not required to complete the previous one before viewing the next. 

Quentin Brook


Author of the best-selling Lean Six Sigma & Minitab: The Complete Toolbox Guide for Business Improvement, Quentin Brook developed his experience of process improvement and statistical quality tools in the automotive industry of Detroit and the aerospace industry in the UK. He trained in Six Sigma with General Electric Aircraft Engines in Cincinnati, OH, before becoming Managing Director of OPEX Resources, where he has helped a broad range of clients deploy continuous improvement initiatives in a wide range of industries.