Time-to-Market and Design for Reliability at the Speed of Light in Signify: Case Study

Light Bulb moment with Signify and Minitab

Get ready for a light bulb moment!

In a fast-changing industry where time-to-market and product reliability give a competitive edge, discover how the world’s leading lighting company Signify, rapidly validates new innovations.

In this one hour webinar, Prof W.D. van Driel and Dr P. Watté will shed a light on design for reliability (DfR) using Minitab Statistical Software at Signify, the former Philips Lighting. Learn from real-life examples their methods to:

  • Lower your development costs

  • Improve your designs’ performance and compliance

  • Accelerate the testing of product design reliability

If you develop products intended to meet high specifications for years to come, you will discover how to reduce the risks and consequences of product failure and costly claims - for you and your customers.