Unleashing the Power of Python Using the New Minitab/Python Integration Module


Join our Senior Data Scientist, Mikhail Golovnya. In this webinar we introduce a new exciting feature of Minitab -- Python integration module. We will explain how to setup the Python connector in a series of simple intuitive steps. Next, we will introduce the core elements of the new functionality: first, how to send Minitab data, such as individual constants and data columns, to the Python side; second, how to send the results of Python computing back to Minitab and conveniently report them in textual, graphical, and tabular forms. We will supply a set of simple Python scripts to illustrate all relevant activities. These scripts can serve as templates for further customizations and extensions. It will become clear that the new functionality is easily accessible to anyone and does not require prior experience with Python. In sum, the new Minitab/Python connector expands the capabilities of Minitab while preserving the conveniences of Minitab interface cherished by our long-term users.

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