Time-to-Market and Design for Reliability at the Speed of Light at Signify

Watch the secrets of how Signify release reliable new products faster and cheaper, while reducing warranty claims.

How will you quickly launch new product designs without impacting their reliability?

Let the world’s leading lighting company Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, shine a light on how they beat global competition by rapidly validating innovations with lower costs and warranty claims.

"Cost savings and competitive advantages, like reducing product release delays, liability claims and damage to consumer confidence, help account for up to 10% of our global industrial revenue" says Willem Dirk van Driel, Fellow Scientist, of Signify. Watch him as he makes the business case for Design for Reliability (DfR) during this 1-hour webinar.

"Generally, our LED modules have a 5 year warranty and can last from 50,000-100,000 hours, so their reliability is different from other typical consumer products” says Piet Watté. In your replay Watté, Lead Development Engineer at Signify, sheds light on how to ensure reliability and avoid costly claims.


Looking to learn more on reliability analysis?

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