A TEDx Coach’s Roadmap to Developing Your Critical Skills to Tackle Today’s Challenges

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In the new digital environment, how can you best develop your skills so 'high potential, high performer' staff thrive and empower your organization to become a data-enabled business?

COVID-19 has caused some organizations to put employee training and development on hold, while others have delivered online instructor-led training or provided access to e-learning platforms.

Post COVID-19, many organizations will face the following challenges around development:

  • Should learning opportunities be 100% online or revert to instructor-led face-to-face training sessions?

  • With access to unlimited information online, the focus on memorizing stats loses its meaning and is replaced by selecting and applying appropriate information in each context. How can we evaluate not only an employee's knowledge, but also how they leverage it to do things like gain buy-in from others in group settings, defend their rationale or lead a project?

  • E-learning combines low-cost, high convenience and accessibility. Yet, over 90% of candidates do not complete their self-paced e-learning courses. Is there a better and more preferred teaching method available?

TEDx coach and personal development expert, Cristina Chis will reveal:

  • How to rethink teaching and learning

  • What are the benefits of a blended learning approach

  • What high-performers want from organizations

  • Why a transition from knowledge retention to enabling skill application is needed

  • How to successfully create a blended learning program

View this webinar to discover how to teach and ensure sure new skills are bringing value to your business during and post-COVID-19. (50 min)