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Discover Improvement in Healthcare with Value Stream Mapping

October 7, 2020

From admissions to transfers to medical documentation to patient care, there are so many processes and activities that happen in healthcare systems and hospitals. Learn the basics of value stream mapping and how it can help identify and improve processes in our upcoming webinar.

Note: No value stream mapping or healthcare experience is necessary.

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Up Your Minitab Game with Tips & Tricks for Minitab Statistical Software


50 min Watch

A TEDx Coach’s Roadmap to Developing Your Critical Skills To Tackle Today’s Challenges

50 min Watch

A TEDx Coach’s Secrets to Developing Innovative Leaders and Ensuring They Thrive at Your Organization


60 min Watch

Turning Words into Numbers and Numbers into Data-Driven Insights with Minitab, Python and Text Mining


50 min Watch

Using Minitab Workspace and Minitab Statistical Software to Amplify Output and Meet Critical Demand

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50 min Watch

Boost Your Data Expertise with the Latest Release of Minitab Statistical Software


55 min Watch

Discover Minitab Workspace, the Ultimate Toolkit to Elevate your Work


60 min Watch

Unleashing the Power of Python Using the New Minitab/Python Integration Module


50 min Watch

Machine Learning with Multiple Regression


30 min Watch

Machine Learning with Binary Logistic Regression


60 min Watch

Machine Learning with Classification and Regression Trees

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