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Join us to learn why Minitab 19 is better than anything you’ve used before. Faster analysis, easier navigation and a host of updates to help you make your best data-driven decisions. We will cover the latest updates to the Minitab interface to familiarize users with their new Minitab workspace.

加入我们,一起了解Minitab 19如何胜人一筹。更快的分析、更方便的导航和一系列的更新内容,可以帮助您做出最佳的数据驱动决策。我们将全面介绍Minitab 19界面的最新更新内容,让用户熟悉Minitab新工作区。

We'll review new software features and statistical enhancements that facilitate data analysis, along with tips from our Minitab experts on how to get the most from Minitab 19. Join Ming Dong, Minitab's Technical Training Specialist, to see the new Minitab 19 along with statistical updates that include binary response for Design of Experiments (DOE), Normal Capability enhancements and more. (60 min)

我们将介绍有助加快数据分析的最新软件功能和统计增强功能;Minitab专家也会分享如何充分利用Minitab 19的小窍门。Minitab技术及业务开发经理董鸣强会跟您一起探索Minitab 19的新增功能,包括实验设计中的二值响应分析、正态能力分析增强功能等统计更新功能。(60分钟)

Ming Dong - Minitab Technical Training Specialist | 董鸣强 - Minitab 技术及业务开发经理

Ming Dong 董鸣强 Bio + About Ming Dong 董鸣强 -
Ming Dong is one of only a handful of practitioners across the Asia Pacific Region to be a certified trainer for Minitab’s flagship product, Minitab Statistical Software. The training certification process is the culmination of years of statistical training with real-life application of data analysis in the industry. Ming’s formal qualifications include an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering Management, a Masters of Computer Science from the University of New South Wales, and a Masters of Applied Statistics from Macquarie University. Ming has a unique and profound understanding of the application of statistics in the business world.In addition, Ming has broad business development experience, developed through his work in senior technical roles for large organisations such as Toshiba, OzEmail and National Computing Systems Singapore. As a university research officer at Macquarie University, he had several papers published in the field of Bioinformatics. 董鸣强是整个亚太地区少数从业者中获指定为Minitab的旗舰产品、Minitab统计软件的其中一位认证培训师。要想通过该培训师认证,候选人需要具备在该行业多年的统计培训经验以及数据分析的实际应用经验。Ming把其积累的丰富行业经验应用于培训课程上。他曾任澳大利亚麦考瑞大学的统计研究员,东芝集团、澳伊媚(OzEmail)互联网服务公司和新加坡国家电脑系统公司(NCS)的软件工程师兼项目协调人。他曾发表数篇生物信息学统计研究论文,并分别获得新南威尔士大学计算机科学硕士学位和麦考瑞大学应用统计学硕士学位。

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