Webinar - New Toolkit for Continuous Improvement Webinar - New Toolkit for Continuous Improvement

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The New Toolkit For Continuous Improvement

Webinar Overview
Presented by Gillian Groom - Technical Specialist & Trainer - Minitab
The toolkit for solving your most advanced challenges is changing fast and new opportunities arise with the digital transformation of operations. In this webinar, you will:
  • Discover how to power and digitalise your improvement projects and data analysis with best practice methods combined with intuitive tools.

  • See in action, using a real-world use case from process manufacturing, this next generation toolkit for Continuous Improvement, powerful analytics and machine learning. And good news: you don't need to be a data scientist to start succeeding!

  • Explore what difference these latest tools can bring to a business:
    - How to solve problems and suggest innovations with whatever data you currently have available
    - How to use the Minitab toolkit to manage projects and analyse data following the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC structured approach
The webinar will include helpful examples of the latest capabilities of: Minitab Statistical Software; Companion by Minitab for project execution and tracking Continuous Improvement; and Salford Predictive Modeler Software engines for predictive analytics.

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Gillian Groom Bio + About Gillian Groom -
Gillian Groom has a Masters Degree in Probability and Statistics from Sheffield University. For many years Gillian has specialised in Financial Services both in UK and Europe, focusing on the development and use of statistical analyses for the improvement of credit risk decisions. Throughout her career, Gillian has been applying statistical analysis to guide informed management decisions on business opportunities or problems.
Gillian has joined the Minitab Team as a Trainer since 2014 and comments on her role: “I am excited to have the opportunity to demonstrate how good data analysis together with process knowledge can lead to informed decisions that make a real difference to business performance”.


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