Detect, Correct and Prevent Defects with Minitab's Industrial Analytics
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Real-Time-Statistical Process Control: Instant monitoring of live data

Detect, Correct and Prevent Defects with Minitab's Industrial Analytics

Visit our stand to discover how real-time statistical process control, predictive analytics and AI can help your team to be proactive not reactive solving industrial challenges:

  • Detect variations with alerts Live measurements can be captured to monitor stability in real-time. Use automatic guidance for the operators and alerts for the engineers, when the process is out of control.
  • Correct process problems Check the capability of your process to meet specifications over time, at a glance. Use the details of assignable causes and corrective actions to explore and resolve potential problems.
  • Prevent costly waste and failure Inform engineers and stakeholders early enough about a process drift. Help them to identify the key parameters so they can respond, to reduce scrap rates and rework.

Minitab now partners with SAP and extends the functionality of SAP® Digital Manufacturing, allowing its customers to achieve manufacturing excellence.

SAP is now official Minitab partner

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Find the solution to your challenges with our experts at booth 1515, hall 10 at Control.