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Don't just see your data. Act on it.

Discover. Predict. Achieve. Transform. With Minitab.

Combining a comprehensive, best-in-class suite of data analysis and process improvement tools with unparalleled ease of use, Minitab has spent the past 50 years helping companies and organizations drive cost containment, enhance product and service quality and boost customer satisfaction. Thousands of businesses and institutions worldwide work with Minitab because of our unique and integrated approach of solutions analytics, empowering you to make better decisions that drive business excellence.


Powerful statistical software everyone can use.

Minitab Connect®

Integrate and transform data for analysis, reporting and monitoring.


Machine learning and predictive analytics software.

Education Hub®

Self-guided learning paths, resources and access to training all in one place.

Minitab Workspace®

Visual tools to ensure process and product excellence.

Minitab Engage®

Start, track, manage, and execute innovation and improvement initiatives.


Valuable Insights and Trends

The first step in achieving excellence is identifying areas for improvement so you can focus where your attention is needed.

  • Visualize your data and spot trends in the matter of just a few clicks using basic statistics and graphs.
  • Conduct Root Cause Analysis easily and naturally using specially designed tools to help map out processes and brainstorm ideas.


Results and Outcomes

With everything from time series analysis to predictive analytics, you have the power to forecast the future and act on it.

  • Leverage your insights to continuously improve, innovate and consistently meet the expectations of customers and investors.
  • Simply and easily communicate value back to the business with automated, real-time dashboards and reports showing all the details of your project deployment’s progress and financial metrics.


Products and Processes

Partner with a company with a demonstrated track record of helping businesses improve everything throughout a products lifecycle, from research and development through manufacturing to sales and customer service.

  • Produce safe, high-quality products and improve your organization’s processes, and have the data to back it up.
  • Train, recruit and retain professionals who are highly competent in data analysis and process improvement and eliminate costly inefficiencies that slow companies down.


Data Driven Decision Making Across Your Department or Organization

With the ability to access, blend, prepare, analyze and visualize data, accelerate the transformation of your organization through Minitab Solutions Analytics to enable data-driven decision making that will create significant value for your organization.

  • Integrate data from across your department or organization with the most flexible and robust data unification platform, including real-time data collection and analysis.
  • Gain business intelligence through dashboards and Minitab’s proprietary analytics, including powerful statistical and machine learning methods, to predict results or dig deeper for root cause analysis.
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