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Break habits, not your products: How Signify switched materials and processing without sacrificing reliability

How to contain the risks of failure and costly claims as you design a new product or implement changes to your manufacturing process?

In this one hour webinar, Prof. Dr. Ir. W.D. van Driel and Dr. P. Watté will shed a light on design for reliability (DfR) using Minitab Engage and Minitab Statistical Software Solutions at Signify, formerly Philips Lighting.

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How to predict and prevent failure?

How to predict and prevent product failure by Minitab and world leading lighting company Signify


In fast-changing industries, margins, speed to market and product reliability are fiercely competitive.

Across all industries, companies are challenged to comply with regulations while also increasing shareholder value and protecting their brand.

The level of product, service and process deficiencies must be continuously reduced. Customers expect a product to perform its purpose for a specified amount of time under identical operating conditions.

A poor product design quality can lead to high costs when the risk is high enough for a product repair or recall to be necessary.

If you develop products that you want to be reliable and meet high quality standards for years to come, you should join this webinar to discover how to reduce the risks and consequences of product failure and costly claims for both you and your customers.

Explore Solutions with World's Leading Lighting Company, Signify

Get ready for a light bulb moment! Discover how the world’s leading lighting company, Signify, has successfully developed sustainable new ways to manufacture reliable products.

Signify has successfully developed sustainable new ways to manufacture reliable products!

The innovative global leader in lighting revolutionized their supply chain for luminaires using 3D printing technology, what led to a radical new business model.

In this webinar, Prof. Dr. Ir. W.D. van Driel and Dr. P. Watté will shed a light on how Minitab tools were applied to demonstrate the reliability of partly recycled materials used for printing.

You will leave this webinar with best practices around:

  • design and reliability techniques for product development and manufacturing,
  • what is coming next,
  • and why Design for Reliability matters to your business.

You can register here to hear from Signify’s Experts Prof W.D. van Driel and Dr P. Watté and you will also receive the recording (60 minutes).

Light Bulb moment with Signify and Minitab


Willem van Driel

Prof. Dr. Ir. W.D. (Willem) van Driel Fellow Scientist at Signify

"Cost savings and competitive advantages, like reducing product release delays, liability claims and damage to consumer confidence, help account for up to 10% of our global industrial revenue" says Willem van Driel.

Fellow Scientist at Signify

Prof. Dr. Ir. W.D. (Willem) van Driel is specialized in the reliability of products and systems.

Willem van Driel is appointed as Fellow Scientist at Signify, The Netherlands.

Since 2017, Willem holds a position as Professor at the Technical University of Delft.

Willem's areas of interest are concerned with multi-physical related failures in (electronic) products and systems. He is currently chair of the organizing committee of the EuroSimE conference and has published over 350 articles in his area of expertise, being reliability. He holds 15 patents.

Connect with Willem on LinkedIn and check his profile on Researchgate.

Piet Watté

Piet Watte Reliability and Validation Specialist at Signify

"Generally, our LED modules have a 5 year warranty and can last from 50,000-100,000 hours, so their reliability is different from other typical consumer products” says Piet Watté.

Lead Development Engineer, Research at Signify

Dr. Piet Watté has a track record of 25 years at Signify, former Philips Lighting, always in quality and reliability roles, both in conventional and in digital lighting. Piet is a certified DFSS Black Belt. Besides, Piet also spent 2 years at centre of electronics design and manufacturing (cEDM) at IMEC in Leuven. At present, Piet works at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven at Signify Research.

During his career, Piet always tries to combine reliability methods with physics, materials science and chemistry to get leverage.

Connect with Piet on LinkedIn and check his profile on Researchgate.


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