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For many analysts, making sense of raw data can take hours of manipulating, cleaning, and prepping in Excel spreadsheets using pivot tables, transformations, and VLOOKUPS – especially if they’re less familiar with technical coding languages. Shouldn’t data users of all technical skill levels have the capability to easily reformat data sets, rename data fields, filter out content, or compute functions without having to rely on outside teams for help?

We think so! That’s why our self-service tools in Minitab ConnectTM can help all data users shape, enrich, contextualize, and explore their data for analysis.

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Minitab Connect: Data Preparation, Automation and Governance for Comprehensive Insights

The best insights are based on the most complete, most accurate, and most timely data. Minitab Connect empowers data users from across the enterprise with self-serve tools to transform diverse data into a governed network of data pipelines, to feed analytics initiatives and foster organization-wide collaboration. Users can effortlessly blend and explore data from databases, cloud and on-premise apps, unstructured data, spreadsheets and more. Flexible, automated workflows accelerate every step of the data integration process, while powerful data preparation and visualization tools help yield transformative insights.

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Flexible, intuitive data integration tools let users connect and blend data from a variety of internal and external sources, like data warehouses, data lakes, IoT devices, SaaS applications, cloud storage, spreadsheets, and email.
Pre-built connectors and flexible data ingestion options make it easy to quickly access virtually any data source and add new integrations when business needs change.
Simple web forms enable direct data entry, creating efficiencies by eliminating the need for spreadsheet sharing and uploads. Embedded validation tools and automated workflows support data quality and standardized processes.​

One thing all of our clients share: Their commitment to excellence.Our goal: To help them achieve it.

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