Critical Checks for Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare [Part #1]:
Validating Your Data Integrity and Process Performance

Organizations in the pharmaceutical and health sectors are being asked by regulators to:

  • Apply more complete methods to validate analytical techniques and measurement systems, known as Data Integrity
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of production processes, otherwise called Statistical Process Control (SPC)

In this first presentation* in our 'Critical Checks' series, you will learn how to:

  • Improve the precision and accuracy of analytical techniques, using Minitab's tools for Gage R & R, Gage Linearity and Bias studies and Design of Experiments
  • Select the relevant control charts and capability analyses for data that does and does not follow the normal distribution

The presentation will explain how data integrity and process monitoring are critical to each other for regulatory compliance. If the data is not healthy, the evaluation of the process could also be incorrect. You will finish the webinar with the confidence to use more sophisticated statistical techniques, in particular for data integrity.

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*This webinar is a presentation, not a software demonstration. (50 minutes)