5 Techniques for Reliable Product Design

How to accelerate your time to market and launch robust products

Product failure, warranty costs and liability claims all have significant impact on your customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

To proactively address these implications, you can make sure you design a reliable product in the beginning of the development stage by utilizing the Design for Reliability (DfR) technique.

In this white paper, get insight into the Design for Reliability methodology and how it supports successful product development. Explore the five techniques for creating reliable product design and ways to implement them with analytical solutions.

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Product Reliability:

Reducing the Risks and Consequences for You and Your Customers

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Predict and prevent product failure with Minitab's Solutions Analytics

Make use of reliability analysis tools from Minitab to estimate product, component, subsystem and system lifetime and potential failures.

You can accelerate time to market, design reliable products and identify risks of failure using Quality by Design, Monte Carlo Simulation and Failure Mode analysis tools from Minitab.

Analytics to Calculate Product Reliability
Problem Solving, Quality by Design and Simulation Tools for Reliable Product Design
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